Monday, 13 May 2013

Farnworth street dubbed "worst in the country" for potholes

GIANT potholes are wreaking havoc for drivers in a rutted street in Farnworth that has been dubbed by residents as “the worst in the country”. Furious residents in Rawson Street say some of the potholes stretch up to 20ft in patches and have not been repaired for years. One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “These potholes have been here for almost two years. “One at the top, near Market Street, is almost 20ft long. “It’s a busy road and it’s the only access to the cemetery. It must cause a lot of damage to cars driving down there.”


Bolton Council Bailiff Left Red-Faced

Friday, 10 May 2013

By Bolton Contributor - Jeff

Hi, my name is Jeff and here's just to say that me and my mates had a top time on Bank Holiday Monday. We couldn't afford a blow up hot tub so we made our own init. Cheers, Jeff.

Bolton Wheelie Bins - From Contributor Kelly

Hi. First of all what a great platform for us to use our voices! Secondly, I am gutted that Animal World faces closure and I have written to my MP as well as Bolton Council and you are right in saying that none of them can give an honest answer about anything. But I think it's important they do receive mail so I beg those who do not want Animal World to close to email.
The new little useless green wheelie bins are ludicrous. Mine actually blew down the road last night in the wind! But there's one good thing that has come out of them and that's the liner bags, because I use them as poop bags for my dog, so thanks Bolton Council!

Animal World Moss Bank Park

Seriously, we vote in the Councillor's and it is us, the general public, that gets them their seats, and what happens? Bolton Council takes away a service that is paramount for our communities. Dare you ask Bolton Council leader, Cliff Morris, about the closure, he will reply to you in the most arrogant way possible. What a complete waste of space that man is and I am not on my own in saying it too. You only have to go over to The Bolton News forum to read how popular the man is - not! So why would Bolton Council close down, Animal World, at Moss Bank Park? Surely not to fund another set of useless wheelie bins? It appears that our town is rather obsessed with bins - it's quite apt really considering it's trash that runs our Council, but hey ho, it's put up or shut up! I work with a large group of people who cannot afford holidays - yes, that's right, a large group of WORKING people that rely on the likes of Animal World. It's a cheap day out, and an enjoyable one too and has been a popular destination for communities within the Bolton area. It's a sad state of affairs but don't bother emailing the likes of Morris, he doesn't like confrontation and the rattle gets thrown out of his pram frequently, but I won't be picking it up for him. It's a disgraceful choice on cut backs and my vote is creeping towards the UKIP crew! I'll just give Mr Cliff Morris a little reminder - Don't forget who got you were you are today Mister!